Get back to new normal

Take control. Organise your essentials. Clear your makeup.

Water resistant

Splash proof surface and satin lining with fitted pockets for all essential makeup
Makeup bag with compartments

Makeup bag with pockets

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Stain-Proof Leather

Highest quality materials, premium leather, satin lining and gold hardware.

Splash proof

Water and smudge proof surface is easy to clean with warm water

Compartmentalise beautifully

Spring clean your makeup bag

Spring clean your makeup bag

Three tips to spring clean your makeup bag and embrace the change.
My covid hiatus

My covid hiatus

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, Soederlund bags are returning back to business. As the world slowly and carefully starts to take steps into a new normal, we want to be there to help each and every one of you to find a beautiful and organised new normal.
Organise your morning chaos and start the day right

Organise your morning chaos and start the day right

When you are stepping to the world prepared, with your compartments in check, it is easy to master them all!

Delivery in 3-5 days

We will deliver your makeup bag within 3-5 business days via safe, tracked shipping.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be happy with your new makeup bag with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Safe & Secure Shopping

We have a secure chekcout process that accepts all major credit cards.