A day at the (makeup bag) office

Working for yourself is a funny business. It kind of feels like not working at all, but then again it can take up all your time and then some. What I learned in my first year as an entrepreneur is that this lifestyle requires quite a bit mentally. It’s not easy to get into the working mode if you haven’t first convinced yourself that you’re not just messing around. And if you aren’t on a serious working mode, you don’t see serious results. 

So if you are trying to figure out how to set yourself for success, there are a few things that I feel are equally as important as the business decisions you make. 

Start the day with makeup

Yes, every day, even if you’re home alone. This is what you would do for any other work and the one that you do for yourself is far more important than any other job you’ve ever had. Goes without saying that you need to dress up as well. So pack up your makeup bag like you would any other day.

Decorate your office

Go to work every day. Don’t just get your laptop to bed or sit by the kitchen table but actually create an office for yourself. Make sure you have an office space set even if it’s just your desk in your studio apartment that feels like a proper office table.

Leave work

Take a lunch break, go get a coffee, end your day and don’t start again and again during the night. I think you get my point by now? Just treat your business like you would any other job and make sure you have routines around it. Don’t just do a little here and there among your other tasks but create a routine that is your own. 

Having a business of your own means you can have the freedom to work whichever way you want. Where, when, how - all the works. Make sure you treat that freedom carefully and also take responsibility of your own career. From small things like packing up your makeup bag in the morning to big things like mentally leaving work every night, your decisions define your success.