Back to work like a ladyboss

Remember how you used to think about back to school? You had to get some new clothes, had to buy some new pens and a cute notebook, had to have a new lipgloss. It's time to bring that thinking back and get excited about the opportunity to reinvent yourself!

I was reading through some tips and advice on how to get your mindset right for returning to work - and found it really lacking. So instead of trying to find the words of wisdom elsewhere, I decided to share how I approach this and share my own tried and tested tips from previous years. 

1. Get into the right mindset

First and foremost, be excited! The whole point of taking a vacation is that you recharge and and are energised to return. This is a mindset so it is up to everyone of us to choose to feel excited. Just like we can choose to feel depressed or anxious about work. So don't let your mind play tricks on you but rather focus on how to achieve that mindset and level of energy you want.

For me, this year it was a visualisation practice that helped me get into that right place of what I want to achieve at work. It wasn't so much about what projects I want to work on or what position I aspire to get but more about how I want to feel every morning when going to work and how I want to look doing it. I know that sounds superficial, but it really helps me to visually imagine what I want my life to look like.

The best back to work meditation and visualisation videos

1. Affirmations for ideal career and dream job

2. Visualisation meditation to unlock your potential

3. Practice feeling and imagining what you want your life to look like every day.

2. Re-imagine your morning routine

Re-do your morning routine, don't just return to the one you already had. returning to work is a chance to move forward, so why would you want to revert back to the old? 

You can find a billion and one morning routines on Youtube, Pinterest, blogosphere or any source you choose. The trouble is that no one else can really tell you what your ideal morning looks like. Maybe you love to exercise first thing when you wakeup. Or maybe you need to let yourself snooze for a couple of times and then get up to do absolutely nothing. Both are equally good, as long as you intentionally choose to do so.

Being intentional about your mornings and how you prepare yourself for the day ahead is key. For me the most important part is a quick 10 minute meditation for setting an intention for the day. I use this guided meditation for this.

A new habit I'm adopting this fall is quick makeup. I want to make sure I take that time every morning even if I am working from home. Adding something new to your makeup routine is an easy way to update your mornings and make you feel renewed!

3. Become the CEO

Great careers don't happen accidentally. They are built. You are in charge of what your work is, how you decide to perform it and how you feel at the end of each day. So why not approach your job like you are the CEO of a company called your career.

Getting back to work is a brilliant opportunity - much like starting a new job. in fact, I want you to approach this like you were starting a new job. Determined to make an impact and excited to see what the future holds.

Like in a new job, create a roadmap on what you want to achieve when you get back. And how you want to feel while doing it. I use the time frame of 21 days. I find that in that time you can already make a big difference, complete a meaningful project, form a new habit, start something completely new and set course for the whole rest of the year. 

If you have never read the book "First 90 Days", I suggest you grab it immediately. It should be mandatory reading to anyone serious about their career development.

4. Take control of your environment

Last but not least, make sure your surroundings match your vision. Style, interior and makeup all play a role for me when I make sure my work reality is the kind of life I want to lead. I so often hear my friends say "I will do that when I get that job" or "I will buy that after I get a promotion". No! 

What are you waiting for? No one else is going to create a dream office for you. No one else will style you to fit that fancy new role you are after. And no one else for sure is not going to come and put on lipstick for you every morning so you get your groove on.

It has never been easier to change our setting to match our vision of a dream job than it is now, in the age of covid-induced work-from-home environment. You decide what your home office looks like and you decide how you look in it. Don't show up to your dream job in your pyjamas.  

Again, social media is your best friend here, but just in case here are a few blogs that I like to scour for inspiration.

1. Corporate in color

2. 9 to 5 Chic

3. Career girl daily

And of course have your Soederlund bag ready to go. I use the white one at the office and keep it on my desk for easy makeup refresh throughout the day.

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