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As you may know, I travel quite a bit for work.  I’m writing this sitting in a cafe at the gothic quarter of Barcelona, listening to Womack's 110th Street and watching others enjoying their Sunday, typing away with their Macs and ordering more cold brew. Many of them are travellers like me but the same urban lifestyle is uniform all over the world. Have you ever stopped to think if that’s a good or a bad thing?

I love this life. I love waking up in a new city, seeing the people, the architecture, shops and restaurants and still being able to belong. I feel a t home with my people. This lifestyle is what inspired me to create the Soederlund makeup bags in the first place. Being on the move all the time but not in a traditional backpacker kind of way. This feels laid back but more grown up. I’m not jumping off cliffs or hiking in remote islands anywhere, but I find this life rich nevertheless. And it requires accessories to match.

So in honour of my latest urban, grownup adventures I wanted to give you a few recommendations for best places to get your laptop out and enjoy some digital freedom.

Breakfast in Barcelona - Satan’s Coffee

Don’t let the name scare you away. In this Catholic city this place is a modern haven of urban professionals, few select tourists and for sure the best coffee in town. Barcelona is notoriously difficult if you like specialty coffee like me so ringing this gem was golden. They take their coffee seriously, so feel free to interview the barista on the origins and roast of your espresso. Delicious food as well but no wi-fi so be prepared!

All espresso drinks are 3€, espresso, cortado, flat white - all of it.

Gran Via and Gothic Quarter.

Lunch in New York - Sweetgreens

Lunch is notoriously difficult in New York. The best places are so crowded during rush hour that you wait in line for half an hour even just to pick up your pre-ordered meal! One of the best salad bars du jour is by far Sweetgreens near my office in the Flatiron district but this is a prime example of so popular you can’t even get in. So here’s my tip: if you walk by it and there’s no line just go for it no matter what the time is. Break your routine and have lunch early. The best time to get your salad is 10am. Don’t worry, you can still eat it at noon, it actually just gets better with a few hours wait since their sauces are amazing!

Try the seasonal salads, you’d never believe it but the winter ones are the best!

Locations all over New York, east of Broadway and south of Midtown. 

Dinner in London - Shoryu Ramen 

After a days work you deserve a good meal - if you're not into the London pub scene then all things Asian are a great option here. One of my all time favourites is the amazing ramen at Shoryu. It's right next to Piccadilly so really easy to get to and the prices are incredibly affordable considering the central location. Dig up the bright red lipstick from your makeup bag and your afterwork is ready to start.

Ramens are 13 pounds so adding a few sides to your order won't break the bank!

Regent Street, south of Piccadilly Circus.