Easiest way to stay chic?

Ever noticed that after a long and busy day at the office or on the go, you barely had time to touch up your makeup? That's when preventive measures come to play!

I have always been a nails girl. As long as I can remember, I've had long and healthy nails. To me it has come naturally to keep them nice and polished. It was only later in the business world where I realized that this is not a norm. Many of us are all too happy to let our nails chip, polish wear off or just skip nail care alltogether.

Beautiful soederlund nails

To each her own, but if you bother to spend time with your makeup, why would you ignore the easiest and most durable step of any makeup routine? Keeping nails polished will instantly up your chic game.

I wrote about this conondrum to ELLE last summer. I got a lot of feedback on this piece, good and bad. Some found the tips and routines I shared useful in keeping their nails in better shape. Some were offended that I criticized women who in their minds already spend enough time on beauty care. 

Of course this is a personal choice. I'm simply saying that no matter how impeccable makeup and hair you have, it all comes crumbling down if your nails aren't up to par. And it's such an easy fix. Why would you want to skip it?