For all the cosmetics lovers out there

I finally got to open my store yesterday! It has been an incredible journey to actually create a bespoke makeup bag from scratch. Here's just a few highlights of how the Soederlund makeup bag actually came to life.


The idea of a makeup bag made for professional women who love their makeup came to me while working as digital director for a beauty brand. I traveled a lot and even day to day had to carry makeup with me - I mean who doesn't have a powder and a lipstick in their purse? There I was with my expensive designer hand bag and exclusive high end makeup but still holding my products in a plastic see through bag. Great for airport security, but how about the rest 23 hours in my day?


When I looked to buy a stylish makeup bag I realized that there are basically three types available:

1) a plastic makeup bag made from cheap materials that just basically holds things in one place... if the zipper is working.

2) canvas bags with cute pictures and funny slogans. Fun and all but they get dirty after a week if I carry them around in my purse.

3) designer makeup bags. Great materials and a big brand name but still these are just pouches like the plastic ones. My makeup rolls around in the bottom and gets all scratched.


So I decided to create my dream makeup bag myself. I knew it had to have compartments to hold my makeup in place. No more scratches on my pretty compact! Real leather but with a finish that would make it stain resistant. And a timeless design. I found a small leather workshop in China to help me with manufacturing and making sure all the little details are truly durable. I wanted this makeup bag to be the best, meaning it would be the last one you buy. I know, not a great business idea!


And so, here it is. The Soederlund makeup bag, finally available for all. Or at least everyone in the EU for the time being. I'm so happy for all the support I've gotten along the way from my friends and especially the beauty community. This is for all of you who love makeup like I do. I hope you enjoy it!