Gift guide for the beauty lover

I can't believe it's that tie of the year again! I was visiting London the other week and was overwhelmed with the Christmas decor at Selfridges. My local supermarkets are filled with cosmetic advent calendars. And I can see from my store analytics that traffic is picking up as people start to plan their holiday season presents.

Beauty gifts for christmas

Working in the beauty industry for so long, I've learned a few things about gifting along the way. So I decided to share some insider tips!

1. Never ever ever buy a ready-made gift pack

These are the most impersonal gift you can ever imagine. They are the non-imaginative and scream "I couldn't bother to spend a minute to think what you really like". The pricing isn't usually significantly better in a pack, so take 5 minutes and gather hand picked products instead. Put in a pretty paper bag and add some silk paper. Done. Or put the products to a Soederlund makeup bag. Obviously.

2. Steer clear of active ingredients

Chances are you don't know what works on the skin of whoever you are gifting (Husbands, you might think you do but don't be fooled!). So steer clear of retinols, acids, vitamins and all active skincare. There's plenty to choose from in natural, moisturising, gentle and scent-free ranges.

3. There's value in novelty

Beauty industry comes up with thousands of new ideas every year. Even though you know that your recipient loves Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue parfume, she will value the chance of trying something new, something she's never heard of or is difficult to come by. Tell the sales lady in your department store which products your significant other likes and she will be able to recommend a new product that has some of the same qualities.

Finally, keep the receipts. If you don't score a perfect match despite your best efforts, you can always do a nice shopping trip together after Christmas and go change the present into something more suitable. Quality time together is by far the best present you can give.