ELLE and Green beauty as the new standard of luxury

This winter I wrote an article to ELLE Finland about the new standards of luxury cosmetics. The text is in Finnish here.

For this story, I got to interview Pernilla Rönnberg, the founder of Estelle & Thild. The brand is a Swedish success story of organic beauty products, expanded last year to color cosmetics. Pernilla created the range as an alternative to synthetic and unsustainable products with the conviction that she wants to be a part of creating a cleaner world to her two children: Estelle and Mathilda.

I admire her ambition. She has built a succesful business and she is leading a balanced life of running her business and finding time for her family. I wish I had asked her what she carries in her makeup bag with all the travelling! For sure it is a combination of skin-loving natural products and elegant shades in makeup.

She inspired me to research the incredible development organic products have experienced over the past few years. I was extremely impressed that the eco-friendly options today have pleasant formulas that don't seperate, have pleasing scents and gorgeous packaging.

But what is most important is that efficacy of these botanical options has improved dramatically. I picked a few to my makeup bag immediately. Premium options like Tata Harper and Madara also look beautiful in the bathroom.

If you have made up your mind about natural beauty some years ago, I urge you to go and test some of these new generation products and see if your makeup bag is now ready for an organic makeover!