Taking care of your Leather Makeup Bag

The Soederlund leather makeup bag has incredible stain resistant powers. Still - it doesen't hurt to pay a little attention to it, after all it is real leather and if taken care of properly, will last a lifetime.

Weekly leather bag care

On a weekly basis you should wipe the bag clean with warm soapy water. Even if it isn't dirty, this will prevent those persistent stains that try to sneak into the edges if you carry it around in your handbag every day. This really makes all the difference since dirt tends to cling slowly and after a while can be really stubborn to remove from the leather surface.

Leather care cream couple times a year

Since the Soederlund makeup bag is real leather, it does enjoy an occasional coat of leather care cream. Use a soft cloth to rub the cream to the surface and make sure to leave it to soak for a while. The cream will keep the makeup bag soft and the surface stain resistant for longer.

Avoid this if you love your makeup bag

A few handy tricks just as a reminder that will help your makeup bag stay clean for longer and especially take care of the precious high quality leather.

Don't use a hand cream and immediately touch the makeup bag afterwards. The oils and chemicals might stain the surface.

If you get a greasy stain to the makeup bag (careful with those face oils!) just wipe the bag clean with dry cloth. Don't try and use water, it will just make the stain spread.