Makeup bag skincare essentials for winter travel

Traveling and skincare are a tricky match: what makeup to pack? What skin care products can you put on your carry on? How much product do you need for winter ski trip? What are skin care essentials for a warm winter resort? And how do you carry it with style.
Let's start with the obvious: you airplane carry on makeup bag. This is the one you will need no matter where and when you travel. Winter air is drying enough itself but add airplane to that and you skin desperately needs quenching. Face mists are nice, but for real hydration and practicality my travel blogger friends recommend bringing a hydrating serum that you can lather under or over makeup AND use daily in your resort, weather its hot and humid or cold and dry.

Good options travel size hydrating serums are Lumene LÄHDE Quenching Aqua Serum, Belif Classic Essence Increment or Laneige Water Bank Essence.

Just remember that Face Oils do not work like this! Your product needs to be water based in order for you to apply it whenever, where ever and without smudging your makeup!
Another staple that professionals swear by is a SPF cream that works in extreme conditions. If you've ever skied in the Scandinavian Lapland, you know that cold and dry doesn't begin to describe the climate. And if you are planning to sunbathe on a tropical beach, a traditional body sun screen on your face is a sure way to block your pores and ensure impurities follow.
Best SPF Day cream for skiing will keep your skin happy and healthy.

Try the water free Piz Buin Mountain product range. In the tropics you want to make sure that you SPF is lightest possible. Murad makes an incredible option in its Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30.

For night time I recommend using a mask instead of a traditional cream. Individually packed masks are super easy to pack even on air travel and they restore balance to your skin weather you've been exposed to sun or snow. LuLuLun Sheet Masks with hydrating superstar hyaluronic acid come in a pack of 32(!) so you can afford to use one every day.