My covid hiatus

When covid hit last spring, it became quickly clear that makeup bags would be the last thing on anyones mind. So we too stopped our marketing and went silent for a while while the world held its breath and figured out what was going to happen next. That pause for us has lasted almost a year now.

I am hesitant to write this even now, as there is still great uncertainty and such deep sorrow to many who have been personally impacted by the pandemic. I don't want to seem insensitive during a time like this. 

At the same time I feel both personally and professionally, it is time to move on. 

We need something positive and beautiful to our lives. We need to be able to think about lighter topics and enjoy life too. And in some months time, I hope we will be allowed to get back to some type of new normal too.

While we are not traveling or even going to an office, there has really been no need for makeup bags. No way around that, I won't pretend that Soederlund bags would be an essential during times like these.

However, I am convinced that once we are allowed to return to our routines, the need - the privilege - of making our daily life a bit more beautifyl, a bit more stylish, a bit more organized, is something we all crave. 

That is why I am slowly ramping up the Soederlund makeup bags again, initiating our marketing efforts and step by step getting back to work in preparation for our return to beautiful new normal.