How to carry the glow in your makeup bag

Every spring magazines are filled with instructions on how to get glowing for the new season. Every season I find myself wondering why they are such a simple list of skincare and makeup that’s new without any analysis.

Essentially there are three ways to glow! 

  1. Get even skin - uneven texture on the surface of the skin blocks the light from reflecting
  2. Activate your glow - if your skin is tired, dull and gray, it's hard to get that glow to look natural
  3. Fake it! Layer up the right highlighters to create the finish you desire. 

To rectify the situation and give you an idea of what you actually need for each step, here’s a deep dive into brightness. I wrote this to ELLE last year, now I’m sharing with you! Here are a few simple products you can add to your makeup bag's compartments to carry the glow with you.

Start with why

Yes, it’s a brilliant book by Simon Sinek but it’s also the basis of your skincare routine. Why is your skin not glowing? Is it dull and grey? Or maybe it has an uneven texture? Or maybe even dark spots? And then ask yourself why you want to glow? Are you just looking for a healthy fresh look or do you want to turn on the watts galore for your makeup look. Only then can you start to map out how to proceed with your project brightness.

Smooth the way

This is the simplest step and still so often overlooked. It doesn’t matter how much vitamin C you pack on your skin or which cream highlighter you dab on if your skin is rough and uneven. A smooth surface reflects light and a rough one doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. So start with a scrub - not a chemical peel - an actual scrub to get the surface right.

Activate the glow

Once you have the basis in check you can start working on adding some brightening actives into your makeup bag. If it’s dull tone that’s blocking your way then AHA acids and Vitamin C are the way to go. Opt for ampoules and serums, cream is a good choice year around but to see actual results you need to up-level seriously. If you’re fighting uneven skin and dark spots you’ll need a whitening product. I know it sounds scary, but there are degrees to this. Choose the strength you are comfortable with. And finally, maybe you are just looking for a boost for your skin. For me, the glow is lost between my fine lines and overall grey tone. That get’s solved with some serious nourishing masking.

Drink up!

I know you hear this all the time but what can I do, it’s true and we women still don’t pay enough attention to hydration. Gulp up those 8 glasses of water and make sure you add a good hydrator to your routine. Hydration makes the skin surface smooth and even - remember what I said about reflecting light?

Product love

Makeup should always be your last step to glow. If you’ve done your basics right, you don’t need much. A light touch of highlighter here and there should go a long way. My makeup bag has a powder compartment but you could just as well use that makeup compartment to carry a highlighter with you. 

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