What does success look like?

I've asked the question multiple times this year. Binge-listening a bunch of podcasts triggered this, I can warmly recommend a few thought starters like Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast, especially the Success Episode. Another great one is Lori Harder with her Earn your happy podcast, which I've been listening to for years now. Try one, maybe tuning into these will trigger you to think differently as well!

I've been building the Soederlund brand always towards the "successful" woman. But this summer I realised that my definition of success is shifting and changing all the time. Which is of course great and inspiring but in terms of consistent branding... not so much! 

As a tech marketeer I've used to setting goals to my work and measuring success. But only now I have realised I don't actually do that personally. How am I supposed to celebrate success, if the goal post keeps changing and moving all the time? So I'm now trying to do two things

1) Stop and enjoy my success. If I look back three, five even ten years, I bet my younger self would be pretty damn proud of where I am and what I've achieved. Every day is a success.

2) Set actual, measurable goals that I can reach towards and celebrate. Like going to the gym three times a week for a month. Or working on Soederlund content plan and delivering consistently for you guys. Reaching a number of followers, selling a number of bags, having time to spend with the family, having time to unwind and just be. 

I am determined that success can be multiple things at once. Just choose yours.

Success is going to be my buzzword for this fall. What's yours?