Spring clean your makeup bag

Have you ever woken up to wonder, why your skin suddenly has blemishes just like when you were a teenager? Why your trusted foundation suddenly starts flaking during the day? Why your mascara is smudging when it never used to?

Our skin is a living, breathing organism that changes throughout the years and adapts to its surroundings. 

While there are dozens of articles, books, blogs and podcasts that explain all about adult acne or dry ageing skin, I've always wondered why we are not told that any one condition is not permanent. That we should expect changes throughout our lives. It sounds dramatic I guess: growing older and suffering the symptoms. But that's not the case at all. Our skin is merely adapting to changes that would otherwise make it lose its ability to defend against external harm. Don't think of it as ageing. Think of it as a defence mechanism.

Changing your makeup bags contents every now and then isn't just good spring cleaning, it's a necessity caused by the changes your skin is throwing your way.

3 steps to spring clean your makeup bag every year

1. Think of moisture. If your skin is oily, you should consider a setting spray. If it's dry, a hydrating spray. Either way, having a complexion refresher in your makeup bag will eliminate the need to carry an arsenal of foundation, concealer and powder with you.

2. Switch your mascara. This is the one thing that most people neglect year after year. You shouldn't use your mascara for more than six months. It will develop bacteria and you don't want that anywhere near your eyes. If that isn't scary enough, it also loses its consistency. A fresh mascara works.

3. Add a seasonal item. Every season there is a new trendy product. Weather it's matte lips or statement brows, adding that one thing every season will make you feel like a new person without the need to follow every trend and try every color.

Bonus: don't forget to sharpen all your pencils and clean any accessories you carry like makeup brushes or hair pieces.