Meet the Founder

Riikka Soederlund

My name is Riikka Söderlund and I've been working in the cosmetics industry my whole adult life. As a marketing director in the tech industry, beauty editor for titles like ELLE and a mother of an active family I travel a lot and due to my line of work (and personal passion!) carry a lot of makeup with me.

The Soederlund Makeup Bag was born out of pure necessity. A need to find a beautiful, luxurious and functional makeup bag for daily use as well as travel.

After realising this holy grail simply doesn't exist, I embarked on a journey to create one that would not only fulfil but exceed expectations. The goal was simple: create a makeup bag that would bring joy to its owner every time it is pulled out of the handbag or packed in luggage. Joy of owning something graceful and stylish yet practical and easy to use without fear of wearing it out or getting it stained.

I'm not a little girl, I don't want cartoons and canvas.

I'm not taking a shower with it, so please don't make it plastic.

I'm not going to spend my day looking for that lipstick, I want it now.

I value timeless design, materials that last and a look that is so good that it makes me smile every time I pull the makeup bag out to fix my face. A tall order I know, but not impossible. And so I decided to make it reality.

I truly believe we have created the perfect makeup bag that will answer all your problems. But should you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to reach out to 

Some of the brands I've worked with over the yeas